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Matthew Curtis 

Matthew advises government and business on strategic security matters. His work has focused on security policy and strategic review, jurisdiction emergency management arrangements, critical infrastructure security, security risk management and national security.  In addition, with many years in the Foreign Affairs Portfolio and subsequent Immigration experience prior to taking up consulting, Matthew has worked and led in diplomacy, policy development and implementation, legal and litigation matters, industry regulation and negotiation.

Matthew has Bachelor’s and Honours degrees in Chinese history, military politics and language. He is a Member of the Australian Outward Bound Foundation and of the Risk Management Institution of Australasia

Alex Webling

Alex Webling, BSc, BA (Hons), Gdip Comms, GdipEd, ZOP is the Director of Resilience Outcomes Pty Ltd

Alex has 20 years experience working in the fields of national security, cyber-security, nuclear science, counter-terrorism, chemical and biological security, critical infrastructure protection, identity security, biometrics, and resilience.

Alex was the foundation Director of the Australian Government computer emergency response team, (later CERT Australia).

He developed, sought and gained funding for the enterprise and project managed a world first program to train CERTs in developing APEC countries. Alex set up the Trusted Information Sharing Network Resilience Community of Interest in 2008 and produced the first edition of the Executive Guide to Resilience. Head of Protective Security Policy in 2010, Alex was responsible for launching the revised Protective Security Policy Framework and the single information classification system for the Australian Government. Alex has both significant experience and tertiary qualifications in the CBRN area. He was head of the Chemical Security Branch of

Alex has been an individual member of the Australasian Council of Security Professionals since 2011.the Attorney-General’s Department; responsible for nuclear policy during the construction of the Australian OPAL reactor; and represented the Attorney-General’s Department in the Security Sensitive Biological Agents development process. As Director of Identity and Biometric Security Policy, Alex was responsible for developing the successful proposal to expand the Australian Document Verification Service into the private sector in 2012.

Alistair J Hogg. CPP, MSc

Alistair Hogg has been actively involved within the New Zealand Security Industry since 1987, in a variety of roles with a strong background in electronic security, close protection, manned services, training, design and consultancy, as an operator, instructor, consultant, manager, and industry representative. Alistair is past chairman of both the New Zealand Security Association and the New Zealand chapter of ASIS International.
An advocate of industry training in general Alistair holds both the CPP designation for Security Management from ASIS International and a Master’s Degree in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leister, U.K.

Konrad Buczynski, CPRM, RSecP

Konrad was a graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon and served as an Australian Army Officer and telecommunications specialist until 2001. He has served as a Director of the Australian Centre for Security Management and was previously the Chief Security Officer and Crisis/Business Continuity Program Manager at Thales Australia-New Zealand, the region’s largest Defence Prime Contractor at the time.

Konrad has had significant involvement in Department of Defence and national aviation security initiatives, including provision of security risk and telecommunications consulting services to Defence Corporate, Services and Groups, and Australian aviation operators throughout the introduction of the Aviation Transport Security Act in 2004.

In 2007 he was recognised by the Global Alliance for Enterprise Security Risk Management as one of three finalists in an ‘Excellence in Security Convergence and Contributions to Enterprise Risk Management’ awards program.

A key contributor to the industry reference text ‘Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge’ (SRMBoK), Konrad is the Managing Director of Industry Risk and Co-Founder/Principal of the SECTARA (Security Threat and Risk Assessor) platform.

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