Ethical Conduct

SPA Code of Ethical Conduct

Security Professionals Australasia recognises that many security professionals are members of relevant associated security and professional organisations and are bound by the codes of ethics and standards of their respective memberships and these respective codes will have equal weighting and supplement and compliment the general code of ethical conduct expected of persons who are deemed to be members of the security profession. SPA sets down this code of professional ethical conduct to guide the professional and personal conduct of all security professionals and in particular registered members of SPA.

This code of ethical conduct must be observed at all times by all affiliates, associates and members of SPA so that they remain fit and proper persons to represent the profession. Members of the profession are expected to adhere to and demonstrate behaviours commensurate with the intent and spirit of the Code.

Code of Ethical Conduct


A Security Professional must;


  1. Perform their duties in accordance with the law at all times.


  1. Act in the interests of the security of society and their client.


  1. Act and behave at all times with integrity.


  1. Be diligent and competent in discharging their professional responsibilities.


  1. Protect confidential information gained in the course of their professional activities and should not disclose it to any unauthorised party nor use it for personal benefit.


  1. Not maliciously damage the professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients or employers.


  1. Not knowingly undertake any other action that brings the profession into disrepute.

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