Fit and Proper

The conceptual basis to ‘fit and proper’ as applied by the SPA registry—A person requires a ‘test’ that involves consideration of a person’s ‘honesty’, ‘knowledge’, and ‘ability’. Legal precedent indicates that a person is not “fit and proper” for office if his or her conduct “would be reasonably regarded as disgraceful or dishonourable by his professional colleagues of good repute and competency.” (Allinson v General Council of Medical Education and Registration [1894] 1 QB 750)

Fitness and propriety are most often equated with ‘competence’ and ‘integrity’ as well as ‘diligence and professionalism’. These concepts can be condensed into two: integrity (in relation to character) and competence (in relation to ability).

It is the work of the registry to apply the ‘fit and proper’ test in determining whether an applicant for registration may be registered, and consideration of a registered person’s conduct or changed circumstances. Such considerations may form the basis of determinations relating to disciplinary action.

As an independent entity, the Registry applies the ‘fit and proper’ test independently and based on the above test

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